Welcome “…not only an ascending autodidact, but performing artist with high value of impertinent daring, Rolf Beller imparts through a perfect accomplishment and application of new painting techniques astonishing effects to his pictures and sets new priorities in the art.  His pictures stand out sharply against others due to brilliant blaze of colour and are exhibited at multiple presentations and shows. They find great approval in Germany and worldwide as well. They also are very ingratiated by many private collectors.” Artist Reality is not just a uniform entity but a spectrum of versatile  principles Realität ist keine Einheit, sondern besteht aus vielfältigen Prinzipien Реальность это не единое целое, а совокупность множества принципов Philosophie Необыкновенная цветовая гамма, оригинальное философское и эмоциональное звучание, воссоздают атмосферу внутренней востребовательн ости и нового мироощущения. Publicity - Kulturnacht Ulm und Neu- Ulm 18.09.2010 - Hanseart Kunstmesse Bremen Messe Centrum -Geheimnis der Schöpfung Projekts 2010 Copyright  © Rolf Beller Presented in this presentation works of art and their photographic copies are intellectual and material property of the named above artist and subject to copyright protectíon according UrhG of Germany. Any reproduction, copying or plagiarism are not allowed and will be legally procecuted.